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I would trade away all
pointless things I own to
just be swept away by
warmth of sunday mornings
Once the sun fades, we will
face the empty waters
take a breath as time has
no more right to hold us

Sinking in the ocean
What will I believe in
'neath the old devotiones
Tryin' to keep your image
Safer from the world around
Although the contradictions
Several complicationes
Blurred in different meanings

Noone said It aint right
when you're under my skin
cant resist your sweet voice
and i am chasing your heartbeat
'cuz i quess soon be time
when i cant feel your lips near
I'll recall in my head what could be if I said that.

Written by A.S.
Dedidacated to Henri T.


Lisatud: 2015-02-20

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